Welcome to the Let’s Go Haiti (LGH) Marathon 2019 registration page.

Those interested in registering for the 2019 event will be able to register with a guaranteed entry for the full or half marathon.

The fee for the 2019 marathon is USD $150 and USD $120 for the half marathon. The course will be capped at a maximum of 1000 participants.

​Event Entry Requirements: The 2019 LGH Marathon has a required maximum net finish time of 8 hours. ​

Those interested in running on behalf of a non-profit, please choose from the list of official charity partners below. After you have decided on your charity, please contact that charity for further information.

Race starts at:

5:00 am Sunday March 17, 2019, Full marathon.

5:45 am Sunday March 17, 2019, Half marathon.

Participants must be 18 years or older on race day, March 17, 2019, to register. Participants 17 years of age must have a statement signed be their parents or legal guardians permitting them to participate.​

Sale and/or transfer of race entries/bib numbers is strictly prohibited.

All entry fees for this year’s marathon are non-refundable, and may not be deferred toward a future event. ​​There are NO exceptions. ​

These policies apply to all accepted entrants.

Entrants who cancel their entry for the 2019 PAP, Haiti Marathon will be eligible for guaranteed entry to the 2020 PAP, Haiti Marathon.

If you cancel for 2019 and wish to hand your entry position to someone else, you will need to do so at least a month before the race to avoid loosing your entry fees. If you decide to enter the 2020 race you will still need to re-apply and re-pay the entry fee. It is your responsibility to apply to the 2019 marathon according to the application schedule and instructions. Failure to apply according to the application schedule and instructions will result in forfeiture of your guaranteed entry.

All fees are non-refundable. Once you have canceled, you cannot be reinstated into the 2019 PAP, Haiti Marathon. Your decision to cancel is final.

There are two ways to cancel:

To cancel by email, send us an email with “I want to cancel” written on the subject line to [email protected]

You may not give or sell your race number or d-tag to someone else. Anyone found participating with another person’s number will be disqualified and both people will be barred from future LGH Marathon Running events, including the PAP, Haiti Marathon and other LGH Marathon non-running events.