Why Not Haiti?

We are so excited that you are here. This means that you are considering giving Haiti a chance. Haiti is starving for collaboration with the rest of the world. Being three and a half hours from the United States, Haiti has the potential to be like any other modern place in the world. It is amazing how much of Haiti's resources that have yet to be put in good use for the people. To do Haiti real justice, would be to tap into all the areas that require modernization without destroying the culture and the traditions that make Haiti unique.

There are marathons in many parts of the world, but yet people's first reaction to the LGHMarathon and Half Marathon in Haiti is always shock or disbelief. Let's treat Haiti as part of the 21st. century. In other words, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. We all have to do our part in keeping the spotlight on countries like Haiti (around the world) that have suffered from natural and man made disasters.

Haiti doesn't need to continue to suffer and labeled. Before every sentence when describing Haiti, is the phrase "The Poorest Country In The Western Hemisphere". Those words have to be scraped off Haiti's back. Those words are keeping Haiti boxed in, curled in a corner and deprived. Haiti is good. Haiti is worth a lot. Let's Go Haiti Marathon wants people to believe that. That is why we are in Haiti bringing this spectacular annual event to the people. We want to inspire and empower the Haitian people. We, LGH Marathon want to change Haiti's image. We want the world to know that Haiti is a safe place to visit.

Don't ask us "How is Haiti?". Go visit it. You will not regret it. :-)

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