LET'S GO HAITI (LGH) MARATHON is the company behind the Port-au-Prince Marathon and Half. The annual race takes place on a Sunday, two weeks after the country's carnival. It is a movement designed to encourage the healthy lifestyle in Haiti, give the youth a different option other than soccer, make running popular in Haiti and last but not least: keep people coming back to visit and enjoy the beautiful Island through running.

LGH MARATHON particularly looks to empower the women and young girls of Haiti because often times, they are the ones to be left behind and kept from getting educated. We want to help the women and girls of Haiti get back control over their lives through sports, education, economic opportunities and more. We strongly believe that a big part of Haiti's future lies in the hands of the youth and the participation of the women. As the saying goes, an empowered woman or girl is a true benefit to all around her.

LET'S GO HAITI MARATHON was formed with the less fortunate youth in mind because the majority of Haiti's youth fall under that category. We want them to feel a sense of pride and importance. Athletics is the way out for many of those kids who are roaming the city streets in Haiti. By investing in them, educating them, respecting them and showing them to work hard and excel on the track, they can have better lives than that into which they were born.

LGH Marathon is looking to do more than just a race. Our ultimate goal is to recruit the top performers from our races and develop local track and field and long distance racing talents to showcase their skills around the world and eventually replace some of the all-time worst times on the Olympics set by previous Haitian athletes in the early 70s and 80s; many of which still stand today. LET'S GO HAITI MARATHON is looking to contribute to the arrival of Haiti's next wave of athletics champions. Haiti deserves winning models. LGH MARATHON will strive to foster track and field in the majority of the school curriculums in Haiti.

To do this, we need your help. This is a fight against global poverty. We welcome the world, from seasoned marathoners to first timers and walkers to come join us in Haiti. Together, we can introduce the healthy lifestyle to Haiti's youth and expand human welfare.

The Race For A Better Tomorrow

LGH offers the Marathon and Half Marathon as a way for anyone around the world to come and get fit, have fun, enjoy running, train and compete as thousands of spectators cheer on.